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Join me, a poet cook, for flavor, fun and frolics with food and travel.


Hello and thank you for joining me on my frolics around my kitchen and the world. I am a poet, food writer, home cook, travel enthusiast who loves to share her experiences with others. I currretly call Seattle, Washington home, but I'll go anywhere there is flavor either in the food or in the culture (which is everywhere). I grew up in Northern Minnesota so my poetry and my perspective is colored with midwestern imagery and urban farming before it was cool. I grew up picking acres of green beans, watching cabbage ferment into sauerkraut, and helping make sausage from winter's bounty of venison. I am curious about the food we grow, forage, purchase and eat shapes us and our perspective of the world and I am happy to take anyone who is willing along with me on these journies and explorations.